Sinclair User

Dun Darach

Author: Chris Jenkins
Publisher: Rebound
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Sinclair User #73

Dun Darach

Cuchulainn sets off for the mist-shrouded city of Dun Darach in search of his kidnapped charioteer Leog.

While Tir Na Nog takes place mostly outdoors, Dun Darach is set in the narrow streets of the city. It's divided into quarters, each one of which consists of several named districts. In this game, the other characters you meet are more intelligent, pursuing their own tasks. While you try to bribe them to give up the objects you need.

You'll need to earn currency in the form of Iridi, small gold sequins. This you can do either by working (yuk!), by gambling (more like it) or by stealing (aha)!

There aren't as many ghoulie monsters in Dun Darach. Instead, two basic characters, one male and one female, crop up over and over again. Each is accompanied by a symbol and an identifying name in the text window.

Overall Summary

The exciting sequel to Tir Na Nog; not quite so complex, still good.

Chris Jenkins

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