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Home Computing Weekly

By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #84

This is a peculiar intellectual game similar to scrabble. If its potential had been realised, it could have been a challenging alternative to the zap 'em smash 'em games.

The playing area is an on-screen board of 20 x 20 positions, in which numbers are placed by row or column. The aim is to reach a predetermined total by summing your rows or columns. Each attempt must total a multiple of a chosen number.

Once the rules are understood, the game is one of strategy. Up to five players may participate, and it is possible to play against up to five computer opponents. The computer may also play against itself.

The drawbacks? The keyboard scans are terrible, and not properly "debounced, so leaving your finger on a key for too long causes problems. The program's logic is also faulty, and the computer frequently misses winning opportunities.

You win by reaching the predetermined score, but you must wait for the other players to complete their turns before your win is declared.

Slow search algorithms and poor programming detract from what could have been an enjoyable mental challenge. Needs Extended Basic.


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