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A&B Computing

By Superior
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 3.04

Generally speaking, the Electron versions of BBC Micro games are usually inferior in one way or another. Citadel, on the other hand is a brilliant arcade adventure which, due to a little bit more effort in design, is every bit as good as its BBC counterpart.

The quality of the graphics is very high although there is a little flicker now and again. One interesting point about this conversion is that screen memory is used to store part of the program. This results in two thick bands of coloured pixels at the top and bottom of the screen. At first this is very unattractive but knowing that without it the game would suffer in quality and quantity you soon get used to it.

The game itself is very enjoyable and highly addictive as your curiosity as to what objects affect what creates causes you to want 'just one more game'. On the whole, one of the best pieces of software to date. Let us hope we see more from Superior who have successfully cornered the high quality market of Electron software.

Matthew Fifield

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