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Palace Of Magic
By Superior/Acornsoft
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 5.10

Citadel fans will breathe a sigh of relief when they play this closely related arcade adventure. The plot is as follows: you play the part of a shrunken dwarf who wants to be restored to his former glory after having been transformed by an evil wizard. The name of the wizard is (wait for the anagram of the year) Caldeti.

You are by no choice of your own in Caldeti's Palace Of Magic. The usual series of events follows. You wander around collecting keys to open doors and utilise magical objects. The grand scheme of things involves finding a hidden transporter that will take you home and restore you to your taller self. Along the way you will meet characters who may or may not help you in your quest. For owners of 5.25" disc drives with DFS, this game is available on your format at a very reasonable price.

Graphically the game is not quite as good as Citadel. This is due to the rooms being very similar in shape. No pyramids with invisible entrances here! The game does boast fast movement and little delay between each screen. There are very strong similarities between Citadel and Palace and that can only do Palace a lot of good. Playing the game could have been more exciting if it was possible to shoot the creatures that block your way, instead of just dodging them. Apart from one or two letdowns this is a worthy successor and is a must for Arcventure fans.

Matthew Fifield

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