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Home Computing Weekly

Character Creator
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #84

If you have difficulty coping with binary and hexadecimal numbers, or you want to define large numbers of shapes, this is quite a useful utility. It is not totally crash-proof, so you should tread with care.

It will work in either TI or Extended Basic, the choice being made at the start of the program. Although Extended Basic will execute faster, there are fewer characters for redefinition. Here, TI Basic provides for 48, while Extended Basic allows only 32. For most purposes this should be sufficient.

A variety of operations are available, from initial creation of a shape in a manner similar to that provided by a program available in early versions of the TI User's Reference Guide, to composite creation by positioning defined shapes within a 9 x 11 character box. The hex definition strings produced can be loaded from or saved to tape or disc, or sent to a printer, and Epson type graphics are supported.

Image reversal, rotation, and inversion is possible, and shapes can also be edited after creation. One criticism: the inability to exit from Loading or Saving without going through those operations. Documentation is sparse but adequate, and contains hints and warnings.


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