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Home Computing Weekly

Ancient And Royal
By Mathay

Published in Home Computing Weekly #79

I'm no golfer, but this Extended Basic version of the game seemed quite adequate to me. There are five degrees of difficulty and one or two players may participate. Unfortunately, the keyboard scans have not been properly debounced, so don't leave your finger on the keys when making selections in the run-up to a game.

You can play solo, or against your micro and there are two courses of nine and eighteen holes. Par is shown for both. Enter your handicap and at the end of the round, it's calculated from your score.

The instructions, contained on a single A4 sheet, are comprehensive. All the usual hazards are present and all you have to do is select which club to use, and in which direction the ball is to travel. There are eight direction arrows, but each is separated by a further invisible five giving quite broad directional control.

A comprehensive and generally well-thought-out game, although there are one or two things which need attention. The direction arrows when in a bunker are totally distorted, and the "+" symbol has been redefined, making over-par scores look silly.


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