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Your Sinclair

Buggy Boy
By Encore
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #51

Buggy Boy

Ambitious racing game from a year or two back that doesn't quite work, Your buggy - for once brightly coloured and readily distinguishable from the background - has five course to negotiate, all of which can be loaded in without you having to qualify first. on all of these courses the going's tough - not only for your buggy, which bumps up and down like a good 'un, but also for you, as there are a number of rocks and other hazards which need to be avoided if you're to stay in one piece.

The rocks and things look well drawn from afar, but become increasingly indistinct as the get nearer - mainly because the same number of pixels is used in both drawings, and these are simply magnified as they get closer. This looks quite clever to start off with but soon becomes irritating, especially as the collision detection is none to good. What's most unforgivable, though, is the game's deadly slowness, which might just be bearable if not for the speedometer, which tell you you are going at 227 mph when it's clearly nearer 2.27.

The ingredients are there, but frustratingly Buggy Boy doesn't quite cut it. For race freaks only, I'm afraid.

Marcus Berkmann

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