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Your Sinclair

War Machine
By Players Premier
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #49

War Machine

Players is to be congratulated for its determination to keep bringing out new cheapie games - even if sometimes they're not up to much. Certainly War Machine is hardly the most inspired game, taking its many ideas from so many other games that I could scarcely keep count as I was playing.

It's part arcade adventure (collect the bits), it's part shoot-'em-up (and avoid-'em-up too - you need quick reactions), but mainly it's not much cop. You're in the usual alien fortress, trying to collect parts of a top secret weapon in order to kill the chief alien - I mean, please, we have been this way before.

So you jump around some blocky graphics getting killed a lot, and although it looks alright and plays alright, there's nothing terribly imaginative about it and the whole game has a slightly unfinished, bodged-together look. Monstrously unoriginal, its main challenge lies in wondering whether to turn it off and throw it out of the window. There she goes!

Marcus Berkmann

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