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Buffalo Bill's Wild West Rodeo Games
By Tynesoft

Published in Electron User 7.01

To say that Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games is an immaculately programmed and superbly presented package would be an understatement - this game is a classic. Not only are the six events extremely playable, they are also crammed with sound effects and illustrated with some of the best colour displays I have ever seen on the Electron.

Up to four players can enjoy the events, the first being the Trick Shooting, a difficult test of hand-eye co-ordination. Superimposed on a desert background is a floating gunsight, the vertical and horizontal movement of which is under your control.

One by one, a series of cardboard cut-out characters begin to flip up with increasing regularity and you must knock them down again before the brief time limit expires and they fall automatically. Variety is provided with the inclusion of good guys who should not be gunned down and vultures that can be plugged for a handsome bonus.

The fun continues in true western style as you enter part two of this event. A lone character tosses bottles into the air which act as flying targets and a real test of marksmanship.

Each event is followed by a resounding Yee-ha and very impressive league table. Staying with the target practice theme, we move on to event number two - the Knife Throwing.

Following a dramatic increase in scale we are treated to the view of an Indian squaw strapped tightly to a rotating wheel as she trustingly waits for her partner to launch eight-inch, razor-sharp blades in her general direction. The tension builds as each blade thuds into the spinning wheel, surely your luck - or should it be hers? - can't hold out much longer. Finally the inevitable happens and the badly judged projectile elicits a scream from the unfortunate assistant.

Calf Roping is the order of the day as we reach the half-way stage of Bill's Wild West extravaganza. An aerial view is used to follow the progress of galloping calf and pursuing cowboy. The trick is to ride alongside the animal and then throw a rope around its neck without taking a tumble yourself.

This is easily the most difficult event so far, since the mini steer has no intention of giving up peacefully and will try its best to unsaddle you - a technique at which it is most competent.

I found the Bronco Riding by far the briefest of the six events - especially when I was playing. Sat astride a fiercely bucking bronco, your sole objective is to stay in contact with your mount. An arrow system indicates the direction in which you are currently overbalancing, your job is to pound the key to move you in the opposite direction. It's not easy.

Steer Wrestling is similar in many respects to calf roping. A gallop at full speed followed by an athletic leap on to the charging steer and you are expected to pit your 12 stone frame against over a tonne of thrashing bone and muscle. No mean feast for Arnold Schwarznegger, yet your fearless reviewer's keyboard bashing technique was more than man enough for the job.

In event number six you are called upon to retrieve a stagecoach that has been stolen by rogue Indians. By pummelling the Z and X keys you gallop towards the speeding vehicle with the intention of leaping aboard when alongside. Unfortunately the Indian on the roof has other ideas and continually tosses the passenger's luggage in your path.

Once on the stagecoach you climb to the roof and slug it out with the renegade redskin. The loser is the one who falls from the still speeding coach.

All of the events consist of three separate rounds, often of increasing difficulty. A very welcome feature that Tynesoft implemented is the replay facility - at the end of the third round you are always offered an opportunity to play the complete event again.

Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games is the best multi-event game to be released for the Electron this year. It is a product that further reinforces Tynesoft's mastery of this genre of game. Yee-ha!

* * * Second Opinion (By Janice Murray) * * *

Another in a long line of multi-part games from Tynesoft, and it's sure to be a winner. The variety of games, the superb graphics and addictive gameplay means you won't tire of this package as quickly as some of the cheaper offerings currently on sale.

James Riddell

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