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Micro Power Magic
By Micro Power
Acorn Electron

Published in Electron User 4.03

Micro Power Magic is a compilation of ten previously released games on two cassettes.

Stock Car is a motor racing game for one or two players. Power your car round a choice of six circuits, dodge the computer controlled cars and oil slicks. A variable skid facility lets you slide the car around bends - very realistic.

Felix Meets The Evil Weevils is a ladders and levels game. The factory is infested with killer weevils and you must search the conveyors for the nasty beasts, zapping them with your aerosol. But watch out for the ball bearings on the conveyors! A fun game but lacking in colour.

Escape From Moonbase Alpha was one of the first ever arcade adventure games. In its time it was a breakthrough but by today's standards it's a bit of a joke.

Swag is a story of two hillbilly crooks. In the one or two player game, you run around the screen collecting diamonds, avoiding the security droids and police cars. Swag is an updated version of the classic Zombies.

Micro Power's Chess is an excellent program. It plays a good game and is brimming with facilities.

Bandits At 3 O Clock is a First World War dogfight game. Battle it out with a computerised Red Baron or one of your friends. The characters are simple and the animation jerky, but the game is still very playable.

Galactic Commander gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your piloting abilities as you fly a lunar lander through a series of increasingly difficult missions. The game employs some very nice high resolution graphics but as they are drawn in magenta on a blue background they are virtually invisible. Apart from this the game is still very challenging.

Adventure is a text only adventure game. Though not up to Level 9 standards it should still keep you off the streets for a few hours.

Of all the old Micro Power games, Cybertron Mission is one of my authorities. Run through an alien-infested maze searching for treasure. It's a great rapid fire shoot 'em up game.

European Challenge is an educational quiz. How did that get in here? Each round consists of forty multiple choice questions.

For less than 80 pence per program, this must be the bargain of the year!

James Riddell

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