Amstrad Action


Author: Bob Wade
Publisher: CRL
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #11


The film of the same name became something of a cult, but the game has come too late to benefit much from that. It puts you in Harrison Ford's role of the bounty hunter trying to 'retire' 24 replidroids from a maze of city streets.

The game is composed of two basic sections: an overhead view of the maze of city streets where you locate the replidroids, and a close up street scene where you try to retire them by shooting them. On the map you just have to move your cursor through the streets and place it over a replidroid. This reveals what type it is, one being the easiest and six the toughest to deal with. Pressing fire will take you to the second section.

Here you see a ship descend on the left of the screen and man wearing a long mac appears. The view is a side on one of a street with a roadway in the foreground and a pavement above it and shopfronts above that. You can run left to right along the street which scrolls to keep you on the left of the screen. A scanner shows the droid ahead of you and you should eventually catch him so that he appears ahead of you. also running.

Blade Runner

Coming in the other direction are pedestrians and cars, these knock you down if run into but one only loses you time while the other is fatal. The bounty hunter can be moved up and down the street as he runs and when level with the droid can shoot him. However the droid may shoot back depending on its type and you risk hitting bystanders instead.

The scrolling is nicely done and combined with the excellent soundtrack make quite compulsive action. The only problem is that it's all rather repetitive and simple. Fun for a while but probably won't keep you hooked for long.

Second Opinion

The music is great, but then it has to be. The gameplay's mindless and the graphics are pretty weak, so the soundtrack is just about all the game has going for it.

Good News

P. Excellent soundtrack plays throughout the game.
P. Nice street scrolling (even though it's quite jerky) and animation.
P. Higher stage droids are quite tough.

Bad News

N. Action is repetitive and simple.
N. The map screens are pointless.

Bob Wade

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