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Home Computing Weekly

3D Stalkers
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #58

An interesting tactical game which requires two players. You are both trapped in a symmetrical maze, from which only one of you may escape. The object is to pursue and kill your opponent before he finds and eliminates you.

The screen shows an overhead view of the maze and 3D perspectives of what is directly ahead of each player, updated after each move. Your position in the maze is not shown, but may be displayed at any time if requested. Obviously, this option should not be used arbitrarily. Confirmation of your whereabouts is not only critical to you but of certain interest to your opponent.

The length and difficulty of each game is determined by the number of shots that are required to kill your opponent, requested before each game starts. Movement, controlled by keyboard or joystick, is forward, or turn back, left or right.

Not the sort of game I find particularly addictive, but at least it does make a change to pit your wits against an equally fallable human opponent, and who knows, will you be the hunter or the hunted?


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