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Battle Tank Simulator
By Zeppelin Games
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #82

Battle Tank Simulator

"The games astonishing 3D realism will have you jumping out of your seat as shells and missiles whizz about you."

You what? Eh? You sure?

In truth. Battle Tank Simulator is a re-release of the prehistoric 3D Tank Duel. This was probably the first of many wire frame 3D games for the Spectrum. The main problem with this game is the speed (although even the recent FREESCAPE games have not solved the problem of slow 3D). The shell mentioned above seems to be a bit hung-over and struggles over before producing a fair sized crack down the screen.

Still, this is an original "golden oldie" and is okay for a couple of quid - just don't expect what's promised in the blurb...

Overall Summary

GOOD GOLDEN OLDIE - There's life in the old game yet...

Steve Mahony

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