Battle-Tank Simulator
By Zeppelin Games
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #64

Battle Tank Simulator

Previously titled 3D Tank Duel, this was originally reviewed way back in Issue 7. In fact it was the debut game by Realtime Software (the guys behind Starstrike, Starglider and the imminent Carrier Command), and is a Battlezone-type game.

You take control of a modem tank, equipped with radar. Four types of enemy tank try to sneak up on you and must be destroyed before they destroy you. A sharp eye must also be kept out for homing missiles which whizz towards your tank, destroying it on contact.

Battle-Tank Simulator is a good way to reminisce, but I wouldn't advise you to part with your dosh unless you really love this type of game, as sadly this genre is now a little out of date. However, the wire-frame enemy tanks do move quite smoothly across the horizon, and the game is enjoyable for a couple of hours.

Then: 83% Now: 55%

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