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C5 Clive
By Scorpio Gamesworld
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #17

C5 Clive

These days everybody seems to be having a go at poor old Sir Clive and his dreaded C5, C5 Clive is the Scorpio contribution. The game puts you in the driving seat well the only seat in fact. The object of the game is to get your newly acquired C5, just purchased from a rather slick salesman, from the garage to your home.

The game comes in two parts. After picking up your new Sinclair easy rider you must get home. You and your machine are shown traversing across the screens from left to right but in your path there are obstacles like ghosts, cats, walls, trees and runaway prams. The player controls his C5 by moving it up and down the screen, it can be made to go faster but it will always be moving forward. The first stage of the game requires the player to pick up batteries from each of the screens. Doing so and avoiding the obstacles will get you onto the next screen, and so on until the end of the first stage.

The second stage involves driving through the city streets in rush hour. For this stage your route is dictated by the street layout and you can exit from any part of the screen if an exit exists. The second stage is harder by virtue of the extra traffic. How far you have to travel depends on the skill level selected at the start of the game. If you purport to be an advanced C5 driver your will find the second stage journey is over 60 screens equivalent to 60 miles.


Control keys: O/A up/down Space jump
Joystick: programmable only
Keyboard play: responds well
Use of colour: not exciting
Graphics: very simple and a bit misleading
Sound: liberally spread about but you may wish it wasn't
Skill levels: 6
Lives: 3
Screens: several

Comment 1

'I suppose that it's obvious that somebody would eventually take the funny side of the Sinclair C5 and build a game around it. I don't recall from any of the C5 blurb that it was able to fly, as this game portrays, but then again this is a special turbo boosted job with Carlos Fandango wheels. The instructions for this game are well presented in a humourous fashion. The scenery that you guide Sir Clive through is a little far fetched, after all you don't usually have hundreds of brick walls looming up on you together with ghosts, prams and animated hoovers, nevertheless I suppose that Sir Clive does live in a land of his own. Graphically the game is quite pleasing although I was a bit disappointed with the way the C5 moved, it scrolls across the screen smoothly but when you move up or down it moves in blocks. The game doesn't seem to have much content and I soon got bored. Not very inspiring, in fact I would go so far as to say don't put this on your buying list, although at £1.99 it may be worth considering if you are after cheap software.'

Comment 2

'I think for the asking price this game is well worth having, though I must admit l did find the graphics very annoying. For the first stage of the game the objects that had to be driven around looked as if they could be 30 representations, specifically it looked as if one could drive behind the trees and walls. / can understand crashing into a tree trunk or the base of a wall but how is it that /can crash into the foliage at the top? Perhaps we are being spoilt by all of these super realistic graphics that keep appearing on the Spectrum. On the whole when one has overcome the mental block with the graphics this is a fun game to play, with so many screens it will need some pedal power to complete.'

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