Author: Robin Candy
Publisher: Rack-It
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #48


In Dominic Robinson's latest game, for Hewson's recently-launched budget label Rack-It, the CRASH-Smashing star programmer responsible for putting Uridium and Zynaps on the Spectrum sets the player a shoot-'em-up puzzle with a standard space scenario.

The planet Sentinel 4 has been overrun by rebels who must be suppressed. The only way to do it is by entering the rebels' security complex and destroying their weapons. So you drive an Interceptor unit equipped with cannon through the complex (shown in bird's-eye-view, changing screens horizontally), moving along the passageways created by structural blocks and cuboid weapon-containers.

The containers can easily be blasted - but if you get too close to them with the Interceptor it won't destroy them. And there's a time limit of two minutes for each of the 16 levels.


Deadly rebel security droids patrol each of the complex floors. At first they may be slow, but as more of the weapon-containers are destroyed and you reach higher levels, they become more aggressive and less predictable. The Interceptor's cannon can immobilise them, but the effect is only temporary. When immobilised the guards can be pushed around by your Interceptor's fire power, allowing you to clear narrow passageways that they block.

And every fifth building of the complex houses nuclear weapons; because of their importance, these levels are guarded by special security droids which remorselessly follow intruders.


Joysticks: Cursor. Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: clear and colourful
Sound: good spot effects
Options: definable keys; twoplayer option; computer can replay the game for you to watch

Robin ... 70%

'Anarchy reminds me slightly of the Boulderdash genre, but in fact it's a novel variation on the well-worn shoot-'em-up theme. Despite very average graphics it's an enjoyable game, with a simple but addictive idea playable from the word go!'

Mike ... 80%

'There's lots of fun to be had from this cute little puzzle game - the graphics are neat - and well-coloured, and it's incredibly addictive.'

Bym ... 82%

'Anarchy is an interesting shoot-'em-up with a touch of strategy. The graphics are simple but smooth and effective, despite some blockiness - and the gameplay is fun, with fast shooting action, spoiled only by having to start each life at the beginning of a level replenished with baddies. The replay mode shows programming initiative, though it's not much practical use, and Anarchy is a great buy.'

Robin CandyMike DunnBym Welthy

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