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Action Force
By Mastertronic Added Dimension
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #49

Action Force

The forces of Cobra have attacked the small, peaceful island of Botsneda. The civilian inhabitants of the island have been evacuated, but the speed of the operation resulted in vital information being left behind in the Eastern sector.

The Cobra Force presence intensifies, making it necessary to send in an attack force to retrieve the information. This is a job for Action Force.

You play the part of Wild Bill, ace helicopter pilot, and you must protect the AWE Striker vehicle on its journey across the island, blasting obstacles in its path and defending it from airstrikes.

Once I'd worked out what the hell was going on in Action Force, I realised that there wasn't much to do other than blast bits off the scenery and crash into the enemy aircraft.

Yes, that is right, crash. Your ship takes so long to turn that they've hit you before you even face them! Success is more luck than judgement - not the perfect strategy for any game; and it's this factor, above all, that makes Action Force not worth spending too much time over.