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3D Dotty
By Blue Ribbon

Published in A&B Computing 5.06

Some years back now there was a whole series of games from MRM based on a simple theme - forced 3D, lozenge shaped versions of Pac-Man. I think the last was Castle Of Gems.

Now here's another variant, coded by J. Harris, and great fun it is too - a three tiered playing area, linked by ladders, in which our hero has to gobble up energy blobs (or whatever) whilst being chased round the board by a nasty. Not as easy as it sounds and not as boring as you might think. Extra difficulty comes with the various pillars that support the higher levels - because you obviously can't see behind them, it's easy to forget that there are areas you haven't yet cleared. And all the time the nasties move closer and closer.

This isn't going to win many marks for originality but it's a perfect example of a good budget release, ideal for the newcomer or younger player. Not that more experienced hands won't enjoy it too and the practice option for all eight screens gives you a chance to fine tune your pattern play before dazzling an audience with your skills. Recommended.

Dave Reeder

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