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By Visions
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 1.09

Poor old Pengi is locked up in the freezer. Your job is to try and line up the three special "Ice-diamond" blocks without being killed by the "Snow-Bees" waiting for you at every turn. One way to kill them off is to kick the blue ice block at them or alternatively you can entice them onto the fence and electrify them by giving the fence a hefty kick then running them over to finish them off! A bonus is given for finishing off the "Snow-Bees" quickly.

Regular arcade goers should have recognised that this is a version of Pengo which was so popular in the arcades last year. This is a very good implementation. The characters are all the same and the catchy background tune is also there.

Graphics are very good and animation is particularly impressive. The background music and the various noises are also very good and generally the whole game is very enjoyable. Most of the features available on good games such as a neat title page, redefinable keys, freeze, sound on/off etc. together with a rather rare practice mode are included but unfortunately the lack of a high score table lets it down somewhat. The inclusion of the practice mode which allows you to get used to the feel of the game without getting killed off in five seconds was a very good idea though.

This game is very enjoyable and is probably the closest version of PENGO that you're likely to get on any micro.

Dave Reeder

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