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10 Computer Hits 3
By Beau Jolly
Acorn Electron

Published in Acorn User #056

Jolly Good Compilation

This is probably Beau Jolly's best attempt to put ten Electron hits in one pack. Its two previous Electron compilation tapes were mixed bags, but this selection contains only one game I wouldn't play twice. The tape contains a well balanced mixture of arcade, strategy, adventure and simulations.

Centibug: An average version of the centipede theme. You sit at the bottom of the screen shooting an approaching insect, which splits into nasty bits when hit.

Brian Jacks' Superstar Challenge: An above-average sports simulation in which you challenge Mr. Jacks over eight events. Unlike some sports games, this one requires more strategy then key bashing.

Visions' Snooker: One of the better versions of a popular simulation. I didn't get the hang of it the first time around, but I'm not so hot on the snooker table either. I liked it because it's one of the few successful two-player Electron games.

Felix In The Factory: Though four years old, this ladders and platforms game has always been one of my family's favourites.

Danger Uxb: Another game I've always loved. It's a truly addictive game with excellent sound, graphics and feel.

Alien Dropout: Dated space invaders.

Felix Meets The Evil Weevils: A disappointing follow-up to the factory classics.

Jungle Boy: Run along the path, jump the rivers, get to Jane. Family fun.

Mineshaft: Collect lumps of coal which are dotted all over each of the twenty screens. A forgotten hit well worth digging up.

Stranded: An adventure featuring full colour graphics which take forever to appear and a disappointing plot.

As with all Beau-Jolly's compilations, 10 Computer Hits 3 represents excellent value for money, even taking into consideration that some of the better games are currently available for £2 or less.

Bernard Emblem

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