Amiga Power

Zork III
By Infocom/Mastertronic
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #2

Zork III

Also less well known as The Dungeonmaster, Zork III is not only the most complex (and largest) of the Zork tales but it qualifies as being among the most difficult games Infocom ever released. In it the main encounter is one with a shadowy version of yourself, slightly displaced in time. You have to get around yourself, so to speak, and contortions won't help.

Though all Infocom games use roughly the same parser, allowing detailed instructions to be typed in by the paragraph if necessary, Zork III is slightly more flexible than those of its predecessor. It has to be said though, it's perhaps not a wise choice for the neophyte Zorker unless you plan spending a few months off from real life. Only Gripe Department: though Zorks II and III are linked by plot (and geography), you can't take a Zork II saved game and start playing Zork III with it. Beware: this game contains Grue too!