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War Machine
By Pocket Money
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #23

War Machine

Microdeal have decided to wade into the cheapie market with the Pocket Money label, mostly concentrating on the Dragon but with a couple for the C64.

When the Vic was young, the manual contained a game that was impossible to enter correctly until Commodore blustered out a pathetic apology-cum-explanation far too late to comfort exasperated first time users. That listing was 'Tank Vs UFO' and is still to be found served up more professionally in type-it-yourself books. As a saucer skims overhead you have to spurt out shells, avoiding returned bombs at the same time: obviously timing is everything. Engaging enough when you've managed to get a freebie from a listing but hardly up to the standard of the latest space epics. Still, if a simple ballistic exchange is what you're after then you will be more than pleased to buy a machine language version that throws in enemy tanks to boot. There are several lanes to move about it, delineated by rocks which are but minor encumbrances for trained hunter-killers. Simple action but as fast as you like.