Commodore User

Tower Of Evil

Publisher: Creative Sparks
Machine: Commodore 16

Published in Commodore User #21

Tower Of Evil

You control Andros, who I presume is male although he looks a bit like a cute little girl - graphics aren't the strong point of this game. Anyway, whatever he is, Andros has to scour the tower looking for his loved one who has been kidnapped by the wicked Necromancer. Hardly the most original theme in the world.

There are seven levels to the tower, each containing nine rooms. On each level there is a pile of gold to be collected and a key. The latter gains you access to the magic staircase which leads to the next level.

Each level also has its own horde of evil creatures, imaginatively described on the inlay as Ashtoroths, Warriors of Ayperos and Baphomets. In reality, this bunch of grizzlies turn out to be the usual nondescript graphics characters.

On reaching level seven, Andros has to dump all his gold into the Necromancer's high-interest treasure chest at which point his darling runs into his arms - a pretty lousy deal if you ask me.

Tower Of Evil won't provide much of a challenge for the hardened games player. I managed to complete it in about half an hour. The less experienced might get more lasting enjoyment from it.

This is Creative Sparks' first game for the C16. It originally appeared on the C64 and was moderately successful.

The companyhave a fairly extensive range of C64 games including Danger Mouse and the superb Ice Palace.

The trouble with the above games is that they are so advanced and complex that they would lose a lot in conversion to the C16.