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Amstrad Computer User

By The Hit Squad
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Computer User #85


You Dudes, get your rubber rings at the ready and get set for some real white water action on some of the roughest river stretches on Earth and beyond! The aim of the game is to guide Biff and Jet down to the most outrageous party they can find, so jump aboard your ring, keep your eyes open for tin cans along the way to lob at the fishermen on the banks and go.

Paddling through the gates will earn you mega-bonuses, but watch out for logs, sticks and branches, which could seriously damage your paddling power. Lag behind and the big Gator will catch up with you, go too fast and the kamikaze penguins will nab you so, take it easy at first, get to grips with the controls and race for the finish line in this rootin', tootin' seriously rad ring game for one or two players.

There's plenty to see and do and you'll certainly be hooked from the first push off. This is fun at its level best, so make sure you get a copy very soon.

Jim Johnson