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The Med Conflict: Battleset 3
By Electronic Arts
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #12

The Med Conflict: Battleset 3

Great, you're probably thinking if you've played through Harpoon's 'Showdown in the North Atlantic' and 'North Atlantic Convoys' scenarios, zapping the Soviets and getting a bit fed up with the rather samey North Atlantic scenery. (After all, there are only so many icebergs a man can take.) Here's the third expansion disk, which you're going to have to fork out an extra fifteen quid for, and which features 16 new Mediterranean games to play and lots of new equipment to use.

You'll be delighted to note that Battleset 3 gives you the chance to pit your navy against not just the Soviets but also the Arabs and the Israelis. You can even fight out Arab-Israeli conflicts if you want. And on top of that are a whole load of new ships and planes, including hydrofoils, attack helicopters and Type 209 submarines. (Fwoar, eh?)

It's hard to know what else to say, really. Playing through a few of the scenarios, I did find they were just a touch more exciting than their Battleset 1 and 2 predecessors (if that's possible), perhaps because of their greater proximity to reality, and also the increased emphasis on air power which makes things move a lot faster. Other than that, though...

The Bottom Line

A worthy addition to the Harpoon stable, and nicely priced too. (You will, of course, need the original Harpoon.)

Jonathan Davies

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