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The Ginormous Collection
By Alternative
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #89

You what? Twenty epic blasts in one go? You'd better believe it!

The Ginormous Collection

You what? Twenty epic blasts in one go? You'd better believe it!

If you haven't fitted out your 6128 machine with a tape recorder by now (yes, that included you Plus owners as well, following WAVE's brilliant offer), then you'd better run out and do so now, otherwise you're going to miss out on one of the biggest and best collections of all time.

What am I talking about? You bet, Alternative's stunning compilation of twenty of the best all time blasts on the CPC screen for your delectation.

Basically, if you haven't heard of, let alone played, at least half of the goodies on offer here, then you must have had your head stuck in a pillowcase for the last five years!

However, that is not the problem with this gargantuan offering. What is, is where on earth do you start? To say that there is something here for everyone would be a major understatement. Just get hold of this blast at all costs, and then check through the manual to see what takes your fancy.

Do you like footie? Yes, I thought you might and, whether it be the American, English or Australian Rules variety, or even the oval rugby variety, or even the oval rugby variety, there's something here for you.

If it's Aussie rules, then this little football simulator will allow you to get a real feel for the game, taking part in some crunching league challenges to go for the Championship.

Footie management and playing on the domestic scene is well and truly wrapped up in the Soccer Boss and Soccer Challenge offerings respectively, giving you the chance to try out for your favourite team, as well as take them to the top of the ratings in the European Cup.

Grid Iron fans must get to grips with all the moves in Grid Iron 2, which sees you taking on the best of the rest in a full season of the most popular American game, while Rugger fans get the management treatment in the excellent Rugby Boss outing.

Clear so far? Good, now it's time to take care of the simulation fans, and boy, have we got a treat for you! Red Arrows, Pro Mountain Bike Simulator, Run For Gold and Rally Driver are on offer for you lot.

Have you ever wondered how those ace pilots manage to keep those incredible formations, and perform those superb stunts? Well, here's your chance to find out. Set over two sections, the first, and all-important, feat, is to practise the many loops and turns that make up a Red Arrows display.

Remember, you are in control of one fast moving lump of metal, where the smallest mistake can lead to catastrophe! Master the formations and you must take the role of Red 8, following the leader's instructions to the letter, in a full aerial display. Awesome!

For the more down to earth, why not give the excellent Rally Driver, or Pro Mountain Bike Simulator a whizz. Both capture the true atmosphere of the respective sports, jam-packed with obstacles, spills and thrills, guaranteed to get you sweating after the first outing.

If you fancy a little Olympic training, then Run For Gold is the game for you, giving you the chance to train two runners to compete for Olympic gold in the three middle-distance races, the 400m, the 800m and the ever-popular 1500m.

Try the first game option for best results, where you control the pace of your race, while the computer takes control over the steering in the second option, you get to steer as well but, be warned, this is very tricky, so get used to the pace first before you progress. This really is a superb simulation, with excellent sound effects to build up the big race tension.

Right, let's move on to the action stakes. If you can get to grips with the excitement contained in this superb collection, then you're a better man than I!

How about a blast at some of the all-time classics? There's Game Over for a start, which sees you taking on the role of the gallant Arkos, one time servant of the tyrannical Empress Grela. Set over two epic worlds, this is one extra-terrestrial shoot-'em-up that'll keep you on the edge of your seat from the very start.

Here's another one you must have heard of Gunboat. A test of nerves and reactions as you penetrate the enemy waterways to basically blast every opposition instrallation you come across.

There are four main bases to destroy,but don't let that upset your firing rhythm in this all out bast-em and run outing on your very own Gunboat.

Ever tried Strike Force Cobra? Well, the world is being threatened by an evil nuclear blackmailer, known simply as the Enemy. To counter the threat, the special Cobra strike force is created, a team of four hand-picked experts which you must control to break into the Enemy's fortress and thwart his plans. Blistering action and more nerve-tingling excitement than you can handle are guaranteed in this epic classic blast.

What else? Oh, just a couple of totally excellent blasts like Combat Zone, BMX Ninja, Dead Or Alive, Army Moves and Turbo Bike.

Had enough yet? You have? Well, tough luck, as there are still a few wacky offerings left that should provide a little light relief from the hard blasting, though they are not pushovers either.

Everyone's A Wally brings out the best in fun gaming, in a superb adventure arcade adventure, as Wally and his family hunt for the missing combination to the safe to get their wages. An hilarious multi-role outing that'll glue you from start to finish.

For danger loves, there's a chance to play at being The Real Stunt Experts. You take on the role of Fred MacMuscle, the world's greatest stuntman, in his efforts to get everything just right for his latest blockbusting move. Tough stuff!

How about a little seaside mockery, in the excellent Punch And Judy outing, where you, as Mr. Punch, must put the booth together, find the cast and star in the performance. It's all in a day's work, but what a day!

If you can't find anything to suit your needs in this little lot, then you need serious attention. This has to be the biggest and best collection in terms of value for money, that has ever hit the streets and, if it doesn't persuade you to run out and get a datacorder today, then nothing else will. Totally brilliant gameplay and the best boost to your playing power you can get.