Commodore User

The Exploits Of Fingers Malone

Author: James Pickering
Publisher: Mastertronic
Machine: Commodore 16/Plus 4

Published in Commodore User #35

The Exploits Of Fingers Malone

After just reviewing Street Olympics I thought The Exploits Of Fingers Malone might just be as bad or worse. Fortunately, I was proved wrong and Mastertronic have shown once more that they can produce good quality games at a fraction of the price of the big software houses. The Exploits Of Fingers Malone is back to their normal standard. It is a fast and furious platform game that boasts fifteen levels of sheer thrill power.

The aim of the game is to collect the keys to the safe, and the money that is left lying around the place. You must also turn the links in the floor from black to white (instead of points you receive money). This is done by walking over the links but be very careful that you don't miss a link.

Sounds easy I know but as with all good platform games there are the nasties. In this case Blinkey, Sparkey, Thingy and Wotsit are constantly trying to stop you from collecting the loot.

The Exploits Of Fingers Malone

To make things more difficult than they already are, there are poles connecting each level. Some poles are for up and some are for down. It you are not careful you'll find yourself in a dead end, and at the mercy of nasties.

Also on some of the platforms there are conveyor belts which move in two directions, left or right. When being chased by a nasty it could mean the difference between life and death depending on which direction the conveyor belt is moving. You need all your wits about you for this one. The old grey matter is working overtime just writing about it. But not to worry, help is on the way. To help you with your task they have installed lifts which you simply call by pressing a button. When travelling on a lift, it rings at each floor. Remember some platforms are impossible to reach without the lift.

If after all this you have managed to collect the money and keys, and turned every single link in the floor from black to white, the safe can then be unlocked. Then it is possible to make your way to the exit, which takes you to level two entitled Douccy in the Dog House. This is similar to level one entitled 'Easy Does It', but quicker and more complicated.

If your kind of game is one that requires skill and fast reflexes and you have the capability to deal with another platform game, then this is the one for you.

James Pickering

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