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The Amazing Spider-Man
Game Boy

Published in Mean Machines #4

The Amazing Spider-Man

The world famous web-slinger is back in town - and angry. His wife, Mary Jane, has been kidnapped by some heavies, and he's got to rescue her! This means battling through hordes of bad guys to the head honcho of each level: Mysterio, the Green Goblin, and the Scorpion are among these.

The stages vary in their layout: the first is a horizontally-scrolling fight through an alleyway, the second a vertical trip up the side of a building. Spidey can jump, punch, kick, crouch, and swing from webs, as well as spin them to keep the enemy at a distance.

Filled with an amazing number of TM's, the manual is informative and helpfully presented. Do you fancy yourself as a wall crawler?


This game impresses from the start with its incredible intro graphics. Luckily, the rest of the game maintains these high standards. It's definitely a worthwhile purchase, with the different playing styles and clever intermission sequences. Great stuff!


This had me climbing the walls (crap joke of the month)! Spiderkman is a challenging and enjoyable game with some excellent graphics, especially between screens. There's plenty of variety, and the game should appeal to beat-'em-up and platform fanatics alike.