Dragon User

By Quickbeam
Dragon 32

Published in Dragon User #051

Go To Work With An Egg

Take the glasses off; put the boots on; get out the cape, and prepare to take the illustrious role of a Superman, or at least one's younger brother in this, quite simply, the best of Dragon games yet!

Yes, you've guessed it, your objective is to save the damsel in distress, avoiding the various nasties out to destroy your wildest dreams! As Superkid hasn't quite yet mastered the art of flying, things soon get increasingly difficult. The first screen places you prominently among a series of snails, which you may either jump, or blast with an egg, which is your only weapon, and which you can only get by jumping on. This task is surprisingly difficult!

Once you have got rid of the snails, you travel onwards, encountering a buzz-happy bee, weaving throughout the screen, destroying your hopes of success (or at least mine!). All this, and don't forget those blasted cherries, giving you energy vital to your mission.

Superb graphics, unbelievable sound, with the best built-in speech I have heard on any computer, makes this an unclassified hit, with even a section for you hacking freaks, too. So come on down, 'cos at £8.95 the price is right. As you can guess, I like this one! (Dock this man's pay for not mentioning the dogs. Has ^^Q got a nasty surprise in store! - Ed).

Simon Jones

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