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Super Pool
By Software Invasion
BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #27

Super Pool

At last, an arcade game with no lasers! Super Pool is a simulation of Pool, the table game, but on a micro.

It's a scaled down version of the real game with just one white cue ball and six coloured balls numbered from 1 to 6.

The object of the game is first to pot all the balls. To do this you are allowed 60 seconds for each shot. Each time you pocket one of the balls, you gain a number of points and these points can be increased if you pot another ball in the same pocket. After potting the first six balls, you proceed to level two, where you have to pot the balls in order, and then level three where the balls have to be both hit and potted in order.

To play the game you have to position a target around the table, moving it clockwise or anticlockwise. Then you choose the strength of the cue ball, signified by a horizontal bar at the top of the screen and when you are ready, release the cue ball which heads towards the target.

The game features excellent graphics, and is both smooth and realistic. This is an excellent example of what can be achieved on a BBC Micro with games such as Snooker and Pool, and is highly recommended if you fancy a break from the 'zapping' noises of other games.

Alan Webster

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