Commodore User

Super Gran

Publisher: Tynesoft
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #21

Super Gran

This game is a good illustration of the pitfalls of producing and selling computer games around TV programmes and films.

Take the case of Super Gran - for example. We all know that it's a great programme, right? Quite a coup then for Tynesoft to get the rights to produce a game based on the programme. According to the cassette inlay of this, it is "a truly amazing game with superb graphics on eight action-packed screens". Now to call the graphics in this regrettable piece of software "superb" must be at best an exaggeration of enormous proportions and at worse a downright lie.

What you actually get are the most chunky graphics imaginable - all the objects are one colour. There is no use of shading - in fact, they are so basic in some of the screens that they look as if they were drawn in crayon by a six year old. And "eight screens" - well, how mega-amazing!

Back to the cassette inlay card. "Professor Black has asked Super Gran to help him take his Skimmer to the Science Exhibition". More disappointment here. The famous skimmer looks more like a waffle on wheels. Just a yellow rectangle scrolling between two blue areas - presumably this is supposed to be a road.

Scunner Campbell is also supposed to appear in this scene - though I couldn't spot anything that looked remotely like him.

Adventure International are going to do an adventure game based on Super Gran. I hope they make a better job of than Tynesoft.

Steer clear of this rubbish.