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Super Gran
By Tynesoft
Commodore 16

Published in Commodore User #23

Super Gran

I'm going to have to be a little more limited in my praise than I might have been. Having loaded Super Gran, I eagerly plugged my joystick in and proceeded to whizz around the screen on the famous 'fly cycle'. Good graphics here, I thought, and a considerable improvement on the C64 version despite inferior graphics.

Only problem was, half an hour later, and I'm still there trying to avoid the imposter Gran and her deathly cannonballs. I come to the conclusion I must be doing something wrong and refer to the instructions. "Gran's only protection is to use her magic Ray Machine. Having survived that screen she moves on to the next action."

No, I seem to have got it right. I go back and have another bash, this time persevering for over an hour, but the maximum amount of time I seem able to survive is about a minute, obviously not long enough. Now I'm no wally when it comes to handling a joystick. I made Group Captain in Spitfire 40, I'm up there with the best, honest. But this one had me stumped.

I can understand Tynesoft wanting to make the game a challenge, but isn't this going a bit far? Apparently, if by some superhuman feat you manage to get past the first screen, there are five more to tackle. Phew!

So all I can really say is that the first screen of Super Gran is pretty good in terms of graphics and sound, if a little difficult to get to grips with. If the following screens are up to the same standard then it's not half bad and should keep you occupied well into the next decade.