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Strider 2
By U. S. Gold
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #76

The warrior returns for another mega bout of blasting and bashing.

Strider 2

If you remember Strider, the original, you'll remember what blasting good fun it was, as the Red Army took a beating at the hands of the superwarrior.

This time around, taking a snipe at the Red Army might be a little underhand considering the current state of world affairs, but that doesn't mean to say that good old Strider has been made redundant. Oh no, there's plenty more for a good-natured superhero to do in the big bad galaxy.

Take the planet Magenta for instance, a few years in the future. There are a few damsels and in distress up there, being held by some very dubious-looking characters. Looks like a job for Strider.

At the start of the game, you are dropped onto the surface of the planet and straight off, there are some pretty tough adversaries to overcome. Keep your eyes open for the vicious-looking birds and be sure to drop the robot guards before they drop you.

Taking in some stunning graphics and superbly smooth scrolling, level two sees you plundering the tower defences. Spit in your palms and get ready for some strenuous climbing up the chains and ropes of the different platforms.

As you race to avoid the guards, beware of the power-points spewing out massive doses of electricity, otherwise you might find your clothing a little crispy and black-looking.

As you progress through each level, pick up as many of the energy icons as you can as, at the end, you need to be transformed into a robot to take on the end of level baddie. If you don't pick up enough icons, you won't be able to face the music. Bad show!

If you make it through the outer defences, it's off into the underground caverns on your way to the huge power generating stations. There's more platform action to be had here, with a host of assailants trying to stop your progress toward the spacecraft where the damsel is being held captive.

Strider 2 is every bit as good as its predecessor. Once you get into the gameplay, you'll find it wholly addictive, with the fast and frantic action leading you all the way to success or disaster. Whichever it is, it depends on you.

The character movements are easy to get used to, though you may need a little practice getting from one rope to another during the platform rounds. Apart from that, Strider 2 is extremely enjoyable and, if you like your shooties fast and furious, look no further. Well done US Gold on another excellent conversion.

Dave Peach

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