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Spy Vs. Spy
By Tynesoft

Published in Acorn User #064

Spycatcher On Disc

Spy Vs. Spy

Set in an embassy, Spy Vs. Spy is a one or two-player game with the aim of collecting various items in a briefcase before fleeing the country. The required objects - secret plan, passport, etc - are hidden at random behind pictures, hatstands and numerous other pieces of diplomatic furniture. As there is only one of each, the spies compete to find them first.

If you are too late, you can always try and steal the briefcase from your opponent before he makes it to the airport.

Perhaps the most innovative feature of the game is Simulvision - Tynesoft's tradename for the simultaneous display of the two rooms where the spies are rummaging. The graphics are three-dimensional and have been well designed.

Each spy may set traps for the other. Bombs may be placed behind pictures and guns may be tied to doors with pieces of string. However, Simulvision permits the clever spy to note where traps await them.

There are traps with varying effects. After a few seconds, however, you return to rummage on. Well, it is only a game!

As a one-player game, Spy Vs. Spy could become dull quite quickly. The computer-controlled spy, lacking any intelligence at all, is surely in the wrong business. The spy invariably sets traps only to trigger them off seconds later.

However, as a two-player it really is a well-written and durable piece of programming. Fitting four hands on the keyboard takes a bit of practice though.

David Acton

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