Commodore User

Spy Hunter

Publisher: U. S. Gold
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #21

Spy Hunter

The action in this arcade conversion takes place on the open road with you at the wheels of your souped-up special agent car. Nasties come in the shape of enemy agents with real mean-sounding names like the Road Lord, Switch Blade, The Enforcer, the Mad Bomber, Barrell Dumper and Doctor Torpedo.

Your turbo car is armed only with machine guns at first. Extra weapons have to be earned by successfully driving through one whole sector. If you manage this, the weapons van will appear. Get behind this, then drive up into it - via a ramp that comes down. Your car will now be equipped with a new weapon.

As you travel you will need various extra weapons - like the oil slick, smokescreen and the missiles for attacking the mad copter bombers.

Spy Hunter

The game scrolls vertically and has some quite attractive, ever changing terrain. Part of the skill required is in keeping your car on the road - avoiding the broken bridges, forks in the road, or being bumped off by the enemy agents.

The best part of the game is the water section. You come to an old boat-house on the road. Enter this and your car is transformed into a speedboat. But don't expect a nice quiet spin around the bay.

To play this game with a joystick you will need to borrow an extra stick from a friend if you don't have two - and the connect them together following the instructions enclosed. It's a bit of a drawback, but luckily the game can also be played with the keyboard and is actually better this way anyhow. An excellent shoot-'em-up just the same.