Atari User

Smash Hits Volume 6
By English
Atari 400/800/600XL/800XL/130XE

Published in Atari User #21

Smash Hits Volume 6

Compilation mania continues apace and shows no signs of letting up - surely the suppliers are going to run out of old software to plunder before very much longer?

This one, the sixth in this particular series, contains four games: Elektraglide and Timeslip from English Software and Fort Apocalypse and Drelbs from US Gold.

For those who have never played it or read the reviews in Atari User, suffice it to say that Elektraglide is a Pole Position variant where the objective is to dodge strange objects and race against time. A fast, tough game.

Timeslip is, unusually, a triple-split-screen game in which you must seek and destroy a number of orbs against the clock. Three horizontal screens each hold a game in miniature. The top one is a Scramble hybrid in which you pilot a spaceship over various terrain, shooting enemy craft, missiles and orbs. The middle screen is a Jet Boot Jack lookalike. You must jet around the caverns, dodging danger and collecting orbs. The lowest screen has you piloting a sub through hostile waters, torpedoing all the orbs you encounter.

An unusual game but the narrowness of each section's playing area makes it hard on the eyes.

Drelbs is another strange game. The basic idea is to whizz around a two-dimensional grid of partially completed squares, opening and closing gates as you do. Each gate forms one side of a square. As gates are flipped, squares are completed and start to pulsate.

Chasing you are the trollaboars who can also flip gates but cannot create squares. They can be temporarily trapped inside a square.

Finally, Fort Apocalypse, the best in the collection in my book - a game of furious action accompanied by thunderous sound effects. You pilot a helicopter through a series of levels and chambers, rescuing prisoners and transporting them to safety. It's sheer pulse-pounding action from beginning to end and a must for all who like their games noisy.

Overall, a good collection which is sure to keep you amused until the next one.

Bob Chappell

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