Commodore User

Sky Jet

Publisher: Mastertronic
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #21

Sky Jet

Betcha the TV series "Airwolf" and its software spinoff was the reason this cheapie saw the light of day! Skyjet is an impressively speedy and well-armed helicopter destined to dodge clouds of flak whenever a C64 owners feels the need to indulge in a bout of over-the-top warfare.

Death-dealing contraptions certainly claim their fair share of screen space. Tanks keep pumping shells skywards, jets streak across the sky, saucers bob about unpredictably (don't they always!) and sneaky submarines attempt to land reinforcements; make these priority targets.

Somewhere along the line you have to pluck up and ferry radar components, etc, and build installations. You have rockets and depth chargers yet some of the enemies seem to be encased in extra tough armour plating.

For two pounds you get a scrolling screen, ten levels of play, at least two phases and adjustable sound effects. This deceptively tricky game should provide more than a few cheap thrills for shoot-anything-that-moves merchants.