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Skatin' USA
By Atlantis
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #76

Skatin' USA

Tom Essex is back, but this time he's not Superkid anymore. That's right, he just woke up one morning and found his powers had disappeared.

However, never one to run from a fight, he's decided to go out and continue the war against the street gangs with the aid of his trusty catapault and skateboard.

Over six rough, tough levels, go and deal out death to the bad guys, remembering to run over the food and fruits on the floor to gain extra strength.

Collect the dollar signs to light up the neon sign and make sure you finish each level with time to spare to gain extra points. If you don't, it's all over.

This sequel might not be as colourful as the original Superkid, but the action's still there and Tom's just as lethal as before, so it's well worth adding this one to the collection.

Chris Knight

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