Commodore User


Publisher: Mastertronic
Machine: Commodore Vic 20

Published in Commodore User #21


There was a time when any game ending in "man" indicated a Pac-man clone: now he's almost forgotten.

Rockman puts me in mind of the superb Boulder Dash (sorry chaps, C64 only!) in its general conception. You get a dramatic picture - first time buyers beware! - and the obligatory fanciful yarn concerning a wicked uncle (yawn, yawn) but darn it, the game is good, no... very good fare for the basic Vic.

The plush screen is fully explanded and benefits from liberal daubings of brash colour; furthermore "Popcorn" is played continuously during the game. What you have to do on each of the 20 (!!) varied pages is to collect eight diamond shaped thingamies, which are tucked away behind rocks. As you chomp away the earth, exposing the boulders, they obey the laws of gravity. This will crush sluggish Rockmen or, if you're clever, the purple zombies as they stumble around in pursuit.

Each screen, then, is an arcade puzzle: you need to predetermine your excavations and be pretty nippy to boot. A good idea and a joy to play.