Robozone (Image Works) Review | ACE - Everygamegoing

Future Publishing

By Image Works
Amiga 500

Published in Ace #055: April 1992


Trying to hop onto the Green bandwagon (and missing by about six months) Imageworks' latest and certainly not greatest puts the player in the driving seat of a giant two-legged war machine, a sort of cut-price version of the one in Psygnosis' Killing Game Show, with a mission to put an end to pollution. Hoorah!

Fundamentally, Robozone's a simple blast-anything-that-moves affair, with the programmers trying to maintain player interest by constantly changing the play style. One level's a side-viewed multidirectional-scrolling explore-'n-shoot, the second's much the same but in 3D and the third's a horizontally scrolling shoot-'em-up. While each is programmed well enough, there's precious little fun or excitement to be found in any of them.

The really annoying thing about Robozone is its pretence to being 'Green' - the manual is littered with Top Tips about how to help cave the environment. One states, prompously: "If you have a choice, avoid buying packaged goods." Considering that Robozone comes in a giant box with a single disc and a thin manual rattling about inside, the irony of this statement beggars belief. Probably the best tip is the first one: "Try not to waste energy". Imageworks, having played this, I already have.