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Return To Eden
By Level 9 Computing
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #3

Return To Eden

This was the very first graphical adventure that I played on the Amstrad. Being a Level 9 job, I thought I might be stuck with text. But no! There were very respectable graphics drawn with speed at every location I came across! I enjoyed this adventure much more so than The Hobbit (or similar) because it was much more realistic. There were no interactive characters (which I personally find a pain in the neck) and the atmosphere was well built up. Even without the graphics it would be another first class Level 9 adventure.

I must tell you about the plot. It is the sequel to Snowball (although playing Snowball is not necessary). It involves making your way through the planet Eden's jungle and then onto the Robot City and past their defences. The responses are also well thought-out, no such cop-outs as "Huh?" or "I'm afraid I can't do that at present" or "I don't understand that". It has such replies as "I nearly understood", "Can that be rephrased?" or "That doesn't make any sense to me" which give you a reasonable clue as to which words it knows and doesn't know. Pity there wasn't any sound, perhaps there was no room left for it.