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Quality Programs For The BBC Micro
By Micro Press
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in Personal Computer News #042

Quality Programs For The BBC Micro

From the opening remark: "Basic has done more to cripple people's way of thinking than almost any other development in computing" onwards I found this book irresistible. It is a practical introduction to structured programming which makes you laugh while you learn.

The programs included are available on a cassette for £9.50, and if you're going to use this book seriously, it's worth making the investment.

The 18 programs practically demonstrate the value of structured programming and are split into well documented sections.

The section on education, containing three programs, is really only academic rather than a teaching guide. However, the program on speed-reading is excellent.

Other notable programs include telephone costings, fuel consumption, a simulation of Rubik's cube (at last in full colour) and a kaleidoscope.

Piers Letcher

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