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Bytes Brothers 1
By Armada
Spectrum 16K/48K/BBC A/BBC B/Electron

Published in Personal Computer News #042

The Bytes Brothers: Input An Investigation

This is the first in a quarter of programming-oriented mystery stories. The setting is surburban USA and the leading characters are the male progeny of the Byte family, who seem to be aged around 13.

The Byte kids are micro enthusiasts and use their computer (called Nibble) to solve sundry problems that crop up in suburban life. Exercises include hunting down a felon who steals a sledge, solving a pollution problem and winning a 'how many marbles in the jar?' competition.

Working the micro into the plot requires a little stretching at times, and the dialogue tends to be smattered with expletives like "Holy Macro!", but the idea is good.

The object of the book is to teach Basic programming, so each of the mysteries is solved by the application of microcomputing. This stretches the credulity of the reader again, but then the plot itself is really an extended REM to link the programs together.

The programs are good starter material, and the functions of the various program sections are explained neatly during the dialogue.

More mysteries are to follow: The Byte Brothers Program A Problem, The Byte Brothers Enter The Evidence and The Byte Brothers Compute a Clue. My. and Mrs. McCoy are certainly found of alliteration.

Ian Scales

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