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Brainteasers For The BBC And Electron
By Pheonix

Published in Personal Computer News #042

Brainteasers For The BBC And Electron

Micro-hobbyists, fascinated by tricks and puzzles, will find many games in this book stimulating, although they might expect more than program listings, brief explanations of how to play them, and occasional modifications to alter ease of play.

A "Best Of Brainteasers" cassette is being released which, at £7.50, represents very good value since presumably it will contain the longer and more interesting programs.

Unfortunately, this book does not give adequate space to explanations of the theories and practicalities of game writing, or how the listed programs work, so tracking errors when entering a listing is not as easy as it might be.

Thus, though providing genuine brainteasers, the cassette of the book is likely to be more useful than the book itself.

Piers Letcher

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