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Professional BMX Simulator
By Codemasters
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #48

Professional BMX Simulator

There seems to be a growing conviction these days that if you can do it in real life, you can do it on a computer. This philosophy can result in some surprisingly entertaining games, the lawnmower simulator featured recently in this magazine being one unlikely example.

Professional BMX Simulator comes on two cassettes. The first contains the standard and expert versions of the game on dirt biking courses. The second provides extra courses covering both quarry racing and desert riding. With Professional BMX Simulator, CodeMasters is claiming a first on the CPC in providing simultaneous action for up to four players. This is achieved by using three keyboard combinations and the joystick to control the riders.

The controls are simple - pedal, steer left, steer right. This is only to be expected, a BMX bike is after all a simpler piece of machinery than even the famous ACU lawnmower.

During each race, the course is viewed from above. The graphics are detailed and make full use of colour. However, it must be said that, on a green screen monitor, it is not easy to determine who is racing who.

In the expert version each player is asked to select their preferred tyre width and chainwheel size before the start of the game. Narrow tyres are not as effective in turning but give increased speed because of the reduction in drag. Small chainwheels allow snappy acceleration but give a lower top speed.

This is a difficult game to master and there is no doubt that, with two cassettes plus a poster and stickers, you get plenty for your money.

However, a good simulation should allow you to feel that you are actually carrying out the activity in real life. For all its attention to detail, Professional BMX Simulator fails to do this. The bird's eye view is possibly at fault here. The coloured blobs that you manoeuvre around the course could represent anything from pet-propelled skateboards to nuns on pogo sticks.


Not the best simulation I've seen but a frustratingly difficult game to get to grips with. You'd probably need to be a BMX fan to get long term enjoyment from it.

Very attractive graphics, although perhaps a bit cluttered in some cases. The four-player option is the one thing that sets it apart from other games for the CPC.