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Amstrad Computer User

By Ariolasoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #18


This is unashamedly called by the makers: "A game of mindless destruction".

The game is the old tank battle on a big map. That's the very old one - the one that looks on from above. But quite a few changes have been made. The tank now comes in the form of a construction kit. As with my brother's Lego, the bits are hidden all over the place. To glue the bit you have found on to your tank, you merely find a factory and stroll into it.

Your tank starts off as a pretty mundane affair, more of a scout car than a tank, really. Undaunted, you cruise on out of the factory - straight into an enemy tank.

These are viscious little beggars which try to put an 80mm megahawk cannon shell into your armour-plating, even if you are on the other side of a wall. If you shoot them, they explode, leaving a huge crater. So they're more of a nuisance dead than alive because you can't climb over the hole. If you are surrounded by holes, this is just real tough. The only way out is to hit the Q key and end it all.

Other wholesome things lie in wait, like mines (you spot these on a scanner) and gun turrets which sometimes need a mortar to take out.

Rooting around in the maze reveals useful add-ons (sorry, not 464-compatible ones) such as Polycrete (fills holes), mortars, mines and the whole range from the DIY tank builder's body-shop.

I will give this one the status of "challenging", and tell those concerned that they might make their sprites a bit bigger next time. Apart from that, it ain't bad for some mindless destruction, probably why they gave it to me for review.