Amstrad Computer User

Operation Thunderbolt

Author: Jim Johnson
Publisher: The Hit Squad
Machine: Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Computer User #87

Operation Thunderbolt

If you are a serious shootie freak, then you'll no doubt have experienced the thrill of Operation Thunderbolt already. If you haven't, then you've missed a real treat.

Aimed at those people who just can't get enough trigger action, this little blast takes you through some of the most awesome combat missions on the market and guarantees jam-packed action all the way.

Armed primarily with your sub-machine gun and grenades, your task is basically to blast everything that gets in your way, from foot patrols, through armoured infantry trucks and tanks, to airborne gunships. If your bullets don't get them, then your grenades will.

Operation Thunderbolt

Be warned, however, as you only have limited firepower. Don't go too Gung Ho to start with, otherwise you'll be left high and dry in the midst of raging gunfire.

Use your ammo sparingly and take out the artillery before the soldiers, as they can inflict more damage.

As you progress, don't forget to shoot the crates as they parachute to the ground and pick up any power ups that you find. Believe me, you'll need them all if you want to survive.

All in all, Operation Thunderbolt boasts excellent graphics, realistic sound effects and more trigger action than you can handle.

As a one- or two-player blast, you'll find it hard to better this offering in the combat stakes.

Jim Johnson

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