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On Cue
By Mastertronic Added Dimension
Atari 400/800/600XL/800XL/130XE

Published in Atari User #31

On Cue

Don't worry if you can't decide whether you'd prefer to play a snooker or a pool simulation on your computer, On Cue gives you both of these green baize games on a single cassette. That works out at just under £1 a simulation.

And the games are good. Most of the display is taken up with an overhead view of a black (not green) table with red cushions. At the bottom of the screen is a message area used for keeping a record of the score, whose turn it is and various prompts.

The balls are clearly depicted and it is not difficult to distinguish between the colours. For example, the black ball in snooker is specially marked so that you can pick it out against the black background.

Controlling your shots (with a single joystick only) is simple and involves three stages. You are prompted by an appropriate instruction in the message agea at the bottom of the screen at each step of the way.

Firs you move across the the point at which you are aiming. Then you select the direction of the spin. Finally, you dictate the strength of the shot by setting the power meter - and away flies the ball.

From time to time it may be necessary to position the cue ball - this, too, is accomplished with a simple joystick movement. There is also an option to edit the table.

The balls move quite smoothly and while some of the collision effects are a little unpredictable - sometimes a ball may stop suddenly or continue rolling for longer than seems probable - overall, the simulation is quite decent.

The cassette has been recorded so that both games are present on both sides of the tape, with snooker being first on one side and pool first on the other. A thoughtful touch.

You can opt to play against another player or the computer and the micro's skill level can be adjusted to suit your own taste.

On Cue is an entertaining pool and snooker simulation.

At this low price, it represents an opportunity too good to be missed.

Bob Chappell

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