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Ninja Scooter Simulator
By Silverbird
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #47

Ninja Scooter Simulator

You are in charge of the Dream Scooter. Despite its grand name, this conveyance is a miserly affair without even an engine to its name.

All you have to do is pedal your way along a scrolling pavement and cross the finishing line as quickly as possible.

There are, of course nasties to avoid, and they are rather original. In the first level there are holes in the road, gates which you have to jump over and ramps.

To gain points you whizz up the ramp as fast as possible then waggle the joystick like mad when you are flying through the air. By doing this the scooter performs rolls and somersaults. The more acrobatics, the more points.

If you manage to land on the wheels, the word RAD appears momentarily over the scooter and you gain an extra 100 to 1,000 points. If you land on your head, you pick yourself up automatically, but lose time.

Ridged bits of pavement like cattle grids cause the scooter to vibrate and slow down when you run across them, alarm clocks give you a few extra seconds when you run over them, and square pulsating things give you powers like Superman.

The second and subsequent levels have more cattle grids, gates, pulsating things, plus cars, skulls, mad gun-totin' cowboys and skateboarders who rush towards you and try and knock you over.

After the first five levels things suddenly become difficult. The levels become longer, the number of nasties doubles, and the number of cattle grids quadruples.

The best thing about this game is the graphics. They are brilliantly coloured and detailed and there is no problem with a green screen. The scrolling is jerky, but the game is so fast you don't really notice this. The sound is excellent - a three-channel tune (no effects' which plays continuously. All in all, an outstanding budget game.


Buy a pair of sunglasses for this one. Instead of the usual washed out greens and blues, you will be amazed to see bright oranges and yellows being used to give a touch of colour. I have a suspicion it's too easy though - the first time I tried it, I completed eight levels.