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ST Format

Narco Police
By Action 16
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #40

Narco Police

Er, this is a bit of an oldie. In fact, it was down the post office the other day, drawing its pension and moaning about the weather. Anyway, enough ageism. It's 2003 and the drug dealers are taking over. Their evil, loathsome drug laboratory is based on an island which you must infiltrate as part of the anti-drugs elite force, the Narco Police.

As you may suspect, there's very little subtlety involved here - you can't just go up to the baddies and say: "Look, old chap, just stop manufacturing these naughty substances and we can all be friends." Instead, you have to wander through the innards of the island and blast the baddies to bits with all sorts of variations on the lethal weaponry theme.


Narco Police is surprisingly playable for such a hoary old chunk of code. It can be a touch slow and flickery, but the gun battles really bring out all those nasty, trigger-happy insincts. Having said that though, it's not all pumping bullets into scum - there are some puzzley aspects too. This is an above-average game with plenty of varied features to suit everyone.

Andy Lowe

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